The Proposals

Our aim is to transform the eastern end of the Palace, making accessible to the public the most historically significant – yet currently derelict – parts of the building; encapsulating the vision of our founders in 1873 to ‘entertain, inform and educate’.

The Theatre

The Victorian Theatre, dating back to 1875, will be brought back to life as an adaptable performance space which can be used for a range of community, cultural and commercial events including theatre, cinema screenings, live comedy, acoustic music and corporate entertainment. The Theatre will accommodate audiences of up to 1,300, but has also been designed to suit smaller and more intimate audience numbers.

The BBC Studios

The BBC Studios experience will tell the story of Alexandra Palace’s unique role in the development of popular entertainment. After ascending a grand new staircase visitors will be guided through BBC Studio A (the EMI Marconi Studio) where the story is told via a combination of innovative audio-visual projections and historic footage that will be attractive and engaging to visitors – in the very spaces where the history was created.

A Gallery Space will house a range of objects which focus on the technology, innovation and creativity of television. There will be different levels of interpretation available to suit all ages and visitors ensuring there is something for everyone.

Studio B (The Baird Studio) will offer visitors the opportunity to learn about the different components of television production, including animation, light and sound.

The East Court

The East Court will be reinvented as a multi-functional arrival space and focal point for the eastern end of the Palace – connecting the Theatre, Ice Rink and BBC Wing. It will contain a timeline of the history of popular entertainment, the Theatre and BBC story, alongside a BBC-themed café. It will be freely accessible to all and becomes an extension to the Park providing new toilets, seating and Wi-Fi.

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