Idea 1: Improving your first impressions


When Alexandra Palace first opened, there was a grand sense of arrival by tram, train or along a tree-lined avenue leading to the Palace. Today many of these arrival points have been lost or degraded and first impressions as you arrive at the Palace are not that memorable.

We would like to recapture that sense of arrival and, as part of the masterplan, are looking at ways to improve the eastern and western approaches to the Palace.

Proposals include changing the East Court car park and improving the road layout and terraces outside the Palm Court. This would create two new public spaces, providing natural meeting points for visitors and the local community.

Reducing the impact of the road

In Victorian times, access to the Palace was on the north side of the building and the South Terrace connected directly to the Park. Today a busy road divides the Palace from the Park.

Changes to the road shall be made in order to reduce its visual impact and to improve the connection between the Palace and the Park. We are exploring the idea of a shared space in front of the Palace for cars and pedestrians. Similar schemes have been successfully introduced elsewhere in London, including Covent Garden and, more recently, Exhibition Road in South Kensington.