As one of the leading Events spaces in London, we recognise our impact on the environment and our local area. This policy reinforces our commitment to sustainable practices across all aspects of our business.

Working in partnership with our suppliers, our community and wider stakeholders we have identified the following areas to focus on:

  • Resource use and waste reduction
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Responsible and sustainable supply chain
  • Our place in the Community

Resource use and waste reduction

We recognise that in a changing world with shrinking resources, the way in which we operate as a responsible business must also change with it. Alexandra Palace is working hard to implement the most effective and holistic approach to waste management and resource use reduction.

Where we are:

  • We recycle 100% of food waste from our kitchens
  • Monitor and continually evaluate our resource use and waste production
  • All cardboard, plastic and paper waste generated onsite is collected, separated and reused or recycled by our waste management contractor offsite.
  • All glass waste generated at the Palace is recycled by our waste management contractor
  • Clients are encouraged to reduce the amount of non recyclable waste created by events
  • Alexandra Palace is working along side our service partners to develop solutions for non recyclable or reusable waste streams

Sustainable Transport

Working alongside our strategic service partners Ally Pally has developed a comprehensive traffic management plan that highlights Ally Pally’s public transport links as well as putting in place incentives for using alternative methods of travel.

As part of the forthcoming regeneration of Alexandra Palace, sustainable transport planning has formed a prominent part of future plans.

Where we are:

  • Alexandra Palace actively promotes visitors to use public transport to access the venue
  • Monitoring and evaluating methods and trends on audience travel
  • Many of Alexandra Palace staff choose alternative methods of travel to work and have been supported through programmes like the “cycle to work” scheme

Responsible and Sustainable Supply Chain

Alexandra Palace recognises its responsibility as an industry leader to ensure all products and services used by us are procured taking sustainability into account.

Ally Pally works hard to ensure we maintain a sustainable supply chain and where possible choose the most sustainable option.

Where we are now:

  • Where possible we buy from local producers and in most cases food is sourced from within 20 miles of Alexandra Palace
  • Where possible consideration is given to procure products made from recycled and non-toxic materials

Our place in the community

Founded as the People Palace, the current caretakers of this historic site recognise Ally Pally’s special place within our local community.
For 138 years the People’s Palace has formed a vibrant part of North London, providing work, entertainment and social spaces.

Where we are now:

  • Contractors are encouraged to employ staff from the local area
  • Alexandra Palace works with schools and colleges to provide work experience for young people
  • Community engagement is a high priority with regular meetings between members of the public and senior members of staff