William Hill World Darts Championships
cashless payment card

This year we are moving on from issuing vouchers and instead will be going completely cashless at the World Darts Championship. You can read more about why we’ve done this and find out how to top up your card before you get here below.

Please note the top-up function will be available from 9am on Monday 9th December.

A quick guide to the cashless process

This year we are moving on from issuing vouchers and instead will be going completely cashless at the World Darts Championship. When you arrive at Alexandra Palace you will be given a cashless payment card that has a unique RFID chip which is linked to your ticket.

You will be able to load money onto this card to pay for food and drink. All of the bars, food outlets and merchandise stalls within the venue take cashless payments via your card – it is an easy and safer way of making payments than traditional physical tokens.

The new system will be safer, faster and easier to use for all.

Register a secure cashless account above using your ticket barcode number, then choose the amount of money that you want to top up.

When you arrive at the Alexandra Palace you will have your ticket scanned and you will then receive your card from the top-up station which has your money loaded on to it.

If you haven’t created your online account in advance, no problem! Just go to the top up station, pick up a card and add funds to it. An activation charge of 75p will be deducted from your initial top up. This covers the cost of the system.

If you still have money on your wristband after the event you can ask for refund through the portal above straight back to your bank card – even if you topped up using cash.

If you are attending multiple sessions you will be able to use the same card for repeat visits.

You can add money to your card online before you arrive at the venue using either a debit or credit card. If you’d prefer to top up when you arrive on site, you can do so at our top up station which accepts cash, debit or credit card. You can even top-up via our website whilst at the darts. You then use your cashless card to pay for everything while you’re with us.

There are effectively two types of refunds – one for those who have created a cashless account in advance and one for those who topped up onsite using cash or card. The refund window will be opened on Thursday 2nd January and allows anyone with more than £1 left on their card to request a refund. Please note that each window will be open for 5 days.

In order to process your refund, you will need to provide your bank card details for where you wish to receive your refund, as well as the 6-digit code on the back of your cashless card – so don’t lose it!

If you have created a cashless account and wish to request a refund for the remaining balance on your card, you can do so by logging in to your account via portal above. You will then receive your refund to your chosen bank card within 5-10 working days.

If you did not create a Cashless account then in order to reclaim your balance, you must create a Cashless account. It’s quick and easy: simply follow the steps within the portal above.


All bars, food outlets and merchandise points are using our cashless solution – cards and cash will not be accepted.

For those who have registered their card it is easy to go online and check the balance. Alternatively, any bar or food outlet can tap your card with their device and let you know how much is left.

You don’t have to register an account, but we highly advise you do. This will allow you to:
i) Check spending history
ii) Top-up your account at any time on the website
iii) Block your card should you lose it and reclaim your balance
iv) Easily obtain a refund for any unspent money post-event

If your account is linked to your card, you can block a lost card to prevent funds from being spent by going to the Cashless Information point onsite. There you can receive a new card which will be credited with the balance from the card you have blocked. If you do not create an account, and do not have a record of your 6 digit card number, blocking your card will unfortunately not be possible as we require this unique reference number from your chip.

Simply head to the top up booth in the fan village and collect your card from our team.

Absolutely. We have partnered with Weezevent, a proven cashless provider for hundreds of events across Europe. Your money is safe on your card. It is a good idea to create a cashless account so that if you do lose your card we can transfer the money to a new one.

Ultimately, we want to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. This cashless solution will be safer, quicker and simpler to use than the token system we have used in the past.

This can be rectified by the bar manager or trader who took your order.

Refunds are processed weekly and take 3-5 days to reach your account on average.

There is a cost involved to implement this system and the activation fee covers this.

There is no charge for refunds. All money left on your card can be refunded to your account or donated to our charity.

The data we collect is very useful when it comes to operational purposes – especially for staffing and providing the best range of food and drinks. We do not use it to study what individuals do and none of the spending data is passed on to any third party. Our GDPR policy extends to cover the use of your data in our cashless system.

Absolutely not, there is no GPS tracking system in the cards. It is simply a payment solution.

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