There has never been a better time to bring pupils and students to Alexandra Palace. Explore the Park and Palace with your class or reserve a ‘Grab and Go’ pack for self-led activities to discover, challenge and inspire enquiring minds.

Creative Learning works with schools and colleges across Haringey and neighbouring boroughs, offering an exciting range of workshops, projects, takeovers and events throughout the year. The programme offers many opportunities for enrichment with a focus on creativity that spans the whole curriculum.

Regular workshops

Our workshops provide practical platforms to showcase young people’s work, learn new skills, as well as signpost career opportunities and pathways in the creative sector. There’s CPD for teachers too!

Wild in the Park

Early Year to Key Stage 4

Our Wild in the Park sessions are normally lead by a specialist outdoor learning facilitator in Ally Pally park, starting with a hidden rendez-vous, where individuals and small teams complete challenges that encourage pupils to become responsible park users and treasure community spaces and resources.

Due to the pandemic, we’ve created some online resources to help you and your kids or pupils get wild in the park. Click on Nature Connections below for a series of videos themed around constructing dens, recognising birds and birdsong and learning some fun new games to play with sticks. Beneath you can download more resource packs to help you and the kids have fun outdoors.

Journeys through past-times

Key Stage 1 & 2

Explore 196 acres of award winning parkland with our ‘Grab and Go’ self-led activity packs. Your expeditions take you on a journey through a history of leisure time – exploring changing tastes of leisure since the opening of this much loved venue in 1863.

Book in advance and collect your resource pack from the East Court before leading a voyage.

Reality vs. Truth

Key Stage 3 & 4

Reality vs Truth is an adventure in learning about History (with a little h), inciting pupils to unpack the limitations of recording the past, making history and uncovering the reality behind stories presented to us as ‘truth’.

Created in partnership with interactive theatre makers Coney

Persistence in Vision

(Video, activity & take-away)

Key Stage 3 (STEAM)

Understand the science behind relaying images into people’s homes across the world – from the BBC pioneers sending out ‘mystic magic rays’ of light from Alexandra Palace to the present day.

Created in partnership with Redloop (Middlesex University research-led, innovation and design centre run by the Faculty of Science and Technology)

Re-imagining the People’s Palace

Key Stage 3 (STEAM)

Learners explore the ideas, values and rationale beyond the original architect’s design of Alexandra Palace whilst re-imagining a Peoples Palace for contemporary visitors.

Created in partnership with Redloop (Middlesex University research-led, innovation and design centre run by the Faculty of Science and Technology)

Sculpting in Light

Key Stage 3 (STEAM)

Learners will take a whistle-stop tour through the history of theatrical lighting from oil lamps to LED, and understand how dramatic effects are created by sculpting with light.

Created in partnership with Redloop (Middlesex University research-led, innovation and design centre run by the Faculty of Science and Technology)

Raising the Curtain

Key Stage 3 (STEAM)

Debunk stage illusions by revealing the tricks in the trade from Victorian times to the present day – ‘how did they do that’? Learn how!

Created in partnership with Redloop (Middlesex Universities research-led, innovation and design centre run by the Faculty of Science and Technology)

Local History Project (Place & Time Capsule)

Key Stage 1 & 2

Time capsules are a treasure trove of information about people and what they thought was important enough to keep. Curators and archaeologists use these treasures as clues to build up a picture of what a person’s life was like, by studying their possessions, clothing, jewellery, writing and photographs.

Create your own time and place capsule to record the time and place you are living in.

The (Victorians') People’s Palace

Key Stage 1 & 2

Discover the Victorian values behind the Palace by exploring primary sources. Inspired by Victorian programming, pupils will make their own Alexandra Palace thaumatrope and consider the local significance of the Palace today.

The Palace at War

Key Stage 2

Did you know the Palace was a refugee camp for Belgians during the First World War? Or an internment camp for 3,000 non-naturalised German men released in 1919?

Pupils explore reactions to the arrival of these new communities. Using newspaper clippings, letters and diary entries to uncover a picture of the lives of these communities as different circumstances forced them to make Alexandra Palace their home.

Birthplace of BBC Television Services

Key Stage 1 & 2

Imagine a world before smartphones, the internet and TV. Bonkers right!

Pupils will piece together the stories behind the birthplace of television broadcasting and create a clearer picture as to how this pioneering technology changed the world.

CPD Days

Our programme of continuing professional development courses for teachers explores different aspects of teaching using a range of creative tools to enhance learning in the classroom. Led by expert practitioners who understand the particular demands of working in schools, you will learn professional approaches tailored for use in your classes. Recent CPD events include training days delivered by Discovery Learning on using domestic technologies in the classroom, and BAFTA Gamers.

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