The New Decade

The New Decade brings together images of lockdown, isolation and enforced introspection from ten emerging photographers.

The initiative is part of our Creative Learning programme and saw the photographers, all aged 16-24 years old, create works over a five week period under the tuition of artist Alejandra Carles-Tolra

Use the map below to find the works exhibited across the Park and Palace between 5 May-5 June. If you can’t make it to the Palace, don’t worry, you can see the works via this online exhibition

The Project

The New Decade captures 2020 through a collection of highly personal and interior images alluding to the strange events happening in the world, encouraging the viewer to look outward, beyond personal introspection, forward to a new decade.

Over the five-week programme participants were encouraged to reflect on their own experiences of lockdown and reframe the now overfamiliar spaces around them, whilst experimenting with a range of arresting photographic techniques.

The New Decade was created for Alexandra Palace’s Creative Industries Network, a programme designed to support young people aged 16-24 wishing to launch a career in the creative sector by providing them with opportunities to learn new skills, showcase their own work and join a lifelong network of support. It offers young creatives an alternative route into the sector outside of a more tradition pathways in formal educational with real experiences across a range of art forms and access to leading industry professionals and free or discounted tickets to events at Alexandra Palace.

If you are looking to launch or kick-start a career in the creative sector then join our growing network of young creatives who regularly meet, network and create together – contact for more information about how to join.

Meet the Photographers

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