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Treat the kids to a birthday party they will never forget. Ice Skating at the Palace!

Birthday parties are available every Saturday & Sunday  at: 11.30, 12:00, 14.00 and 14.30.

Parties include an hour of ice skating and a meal in our Ice Café. The price is £17.50 per child we accommodate a minimum of 10 children and a maximum of 25. Parties start with your host leading 15 minute games and safety session in a coned off area of the ice, followed by skating on the public session and finished off with a hot meal in the Ice Café.

Accompanying parents skate for free

We have 4 food options for your special day

Food Options

1) Margarita pizza or burger and chips

  • Including an ice cream dessert and fruit squash drink.

2) Hot Buffet
Mini Pizzas, Chicken Goujons, Cocktail Sausages, Fish fingers, French fries

  • Including an ice cream dessert and fruit squash drink.

3) Vegetarian hot buffet

V Mini pizzas, V Samosas, V Spring rolls, V fish fingers, French fries, Carrot sticks and Hummus dip

  • Including an ice cream dessert and fruit squash drink.

4) Snacks Meal
Kit Kat
Ready salted kettle crisps
White Magnum ice cream
Orange or apple juice in sealed cartons

Some Little Extras

  • Ice party host to stay £8
  • Rental of scooters  - These are for under 8 year olds and £5 each, maximum 2 scooters per party subject to availability

Please note that additional food cannot be brought to parties due to new catering laws however parties are still welcome to bring a birthday cake to celebrate the big day!


We also offer Birthday Parties on Monday and Friday ( term time ) and every day during school holidays.

If you would like book, please fill out the below form and a member of staff will contact you to discuss availability. Please note payments for birthday parties are non refundable and parties are not transferable.

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There is a minimum of 10 children and maximum of 25 and parents can skate for free!


Can accompanying parents skate for free?
Yes they can! We welcome accompanying adults to join the party on the ice to get involved and help the party skaters.

Can we have a skating party without the food?
Our parties automatically come with food. It you don’t fancy a main meal why not opt for the snacks menu and have a few treats instead.

Can we bring our own food?
We have a selection of menus available. Unfortunately parties cannot bring their own meals or snacks along.

Can we bring a birthday cake?
You are welcome to bring a birthday cake. The party host will supervise and guide you for the special candle blowing moment!

What ages are parties suitable for
We advise that birthday packages are suitable for 6-12 years old. Younger siblings can still attend the party (full price applies) but must be accompanied by an adult whilst skating. Our smallest skate size is a baby 6.

Is skate hire included?
Yes skate hire is available free of charge for anybody who needs it

Can we decorate our party table for our meal?

You are welcome to bring some decorations. These would be put up by the party during the skating time. We would suggest simple decorations that are easy to put up/take down. The children are eating in the area for approximately 30 minutes

What does our party host/s do?

Your party host will guide you through your party, firstly helping you get the childrens skates on and then conducting a fifteen minute coned off games and safety session.  After this, if you have booked for the host to stay throughout, they will accompany the children on the ice rink until it’s time to eat.  If you haven’t booked the host to stay they will wave the party off after the games and safety and then collect everybody from the ice rink when it’s time to eat.  Food will be served in the Ice Café in a reserved area with your host.  We recommend that accompanying adults take part in the party on or off the ice to ensure that supervision of their child is maintained throughout the session. Don’t forget that adults can skate for free!


What does the games and safety session involve?

 This fifteen minute session is a perfect opportunity to introduce skaters to the basics of skating and prepare them for their skate on the public session.  Your party host will guide skaters through varying tasks such as how to get up off to the ice safely, skate forwards and stop.  The host will tailor the session to the abilities of the children and even play some on ice games if they feel that the children are ready to use their new skills!


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