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Alexandra Park & Palace Charitable Trust is delighted to announce major support from The Sackler Trust, which will be used to create a dedicated Creative Learning space in the newly restored East Court.

The Creative Learning team provide a year-round programme of creative learning for all sections of the community with a particular focus on school groups, families and older people.

Louise Stewart, Chief Executive of Alexandra Park & Palace Charitable Trust, said:

“We are enormously grateful to the Trustees of The Sackler Trust for this very significant support. Learning increasingly runs through the heart of everything we do. This will be a wonderful new resource, which will enable us to increase our learning activity programme and its impact in the future”.

Even without a dedicated learning space, Alexandra Palace is delivering a huge range of creative learning opportunities. This includes the Big Schools project for 1,000 children in partnership with BAFTA and The Great Fete, a free festival for the community.

It also facilitate thousands of people to learn about Alexandra Palace’s history with visits to local people living with dementia, with the sensory suitcase and through the partnership with Google Arts & Culture.

A dedicated learning space will enable Alexandra Palace to do so much more. It is due to open in early 2019.

Alexandra Palace is building partnerships with world class organisations and inviting supporters to help realise the full potential of the East Wing Restoration Project. From in kind support to naming rights and partnering with the learning and participation programme, there is a huge range of opportunities to get involved. Individuals can name a seat in theatre, and every donation over £25 will be credited on the donor board in the restored East Court – visit