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Wildlife exhibition launched in London

“A brand new wildlife exhibition is coming to London on 14th and 15th October 2011. WildlifeXpo will be held at the Alexandra Palace and will focus on how wildlife watching is vital for conservation. WildlifeXpo will be run in support of the Wildlife Trusts, raising vital funds for conservation in the UK.

The exhibition will encompass a broad spectrum of exhibitors as well as presentations from the likes of Mark Carwardine. In addition, there will be photographic displays, film shows and practical demonstrations from optical manufacturers.

Powell Ettinger, chairman of WildlifeXpo said ‘With the growing public interest in wildlife conservation and an increasing desire to experience wildlife in the wild, both at home and abroad, we felt that a dedicated exhibition with expert advice and topical presentations would satisfy this need. Moreover, having it all under one roof at such a fabulous venue as Alexandra Palace makes it even more special.”

10,000 visitors
The show will feature as many as 150 exhibitors covering every aspect of wildlife and conservation, including wildlife tourism, photography, conservation, outdoor clothing, guide books, diving, careers, safaris, garden wildlife and wildlife art. WildlifeXpo organisers are expecting some 10,000 people to visit the show over the two days in October.

£10 tickets
Tickets are on sale for just £10, and £2 from each ticket sold will go to The Wildlife Trusts, helping to conserve the UK’s wildlife. Each visitor will be able to specify which of the UK’s 47 Wildlife Trusts they want their donation to go to.

The Wildlife Trusts
There are 47 local Wildlife Trusts covering the whole of the UK, and they have more than 800,000 members. The Trusts manage thousands of nature reserves and run marine conservation projects around the coast of the UK. The Trusts also advise landowners on wildlife-friendly land management and work with thousands of schools. See their website at

To go the WildlifeXpo website, click wildlife exhibition.