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tss-headerWelcome to Time Stands Still, a locative audio experience exploring the period between 1915 and 1919 when Alexandra Palace became an internment camp to 3,000 German, Austrian and Hungarian civilians living in the UK when WWI broke out.

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The title Time Stands Still is quoted from the memoir of Paul Cohen Portheim who was interned at Alexandra Palace:

“We lost all count, all sensation of time. Time stands still where there is no aim, no object, no sense. There is no time. One gives in, one surrenders, one’s will is broken. Such monotony is a state very near death.”

Time Stands Still is an audio experience in which you become a visitor to the camp 100 years ago, a witness to the experiences of the men imprisoned in the People’s Palace. Time Stands Still combines the prisoner’s words with poems and soundscapes. As you move around the park you will hear the experiences of those interned, the wives who visited, and the British military that held them.

Time Stands Still is suitable for education programmes as well as the general public.

Did you know that Alexandra Palace is a registered charity?

We need to raise the final £1million to open the most historic and currently derelict eastern end of the Palace to support a £26m project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Haringey Council. To help bring the Palace back to life, please click on the link below to make a donation. Thank you for your support!

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Charge your battery fully before you visit the park.

The app utilizes GPS, so works only in the park.

The app will become active once you enter the park.

Stories, accounts and poems are triggered by your movement.

Stories are located predominantly close the Palace: on the terrace and South Slopes, but also around the East entrance and theatre to the Boating Lake. If you head down to the old race course you can get involved in some exercise drills!

If you hear something of interest, stand still to hear the whole story. Moving on will trigger another story.

You can look at the map at any time to see where you are, and where you can find more content. Try returning to areas to hear different stories from the Palace’s four years as a camp. All of the stories and poems you will hear are short, this will give you the chance to move around and meet many people and hear different experiences.

The experience will last approximately 45 minutes.

The complete experience will take you from 1915 to the end of the War (Armistice) in 1918. If you need to leave before the end of the experience, press the x button.

Once the app has been downloaded to your phone you can visit Time Stands Still again and again.


By pressing the ? button on the screen, Major Mott will give you a sense of where you are in the camp and what else there is to hear.


We hope you enjoy using this app.
Please be aware that your personal safety remains your responsibility when using the app.
May we encourage you to stay safe by using a volume setting that will not harm your hearing, will not prevent you from hearing approaching vehicles or other hazards or warnings.
Always take care when crossing roads or the car park.
Remember to protect yourself from the sun (and the cold!).
Keep your smartphone in your pocket after you’ve started the experience, and take it out only when you need to refer to the map or help


The experience is designed and scripted by Helen Bendon, and draws extensively on Ally Pally Prison Camp (Oversteps Books) by Maggie Butt, which combines the prisoner’s words and paintings with her poems. Whilst this production is based on true accounts from those who were there, some elements have been dramatised and adapted for a locative experience.

Written and directed by: Helen Bendon

Poetry: Maggie Butt

Producer: Sara Hansen

Art Direction & App Development: Daniel Wiedemann

Sound Recording and Design: Peter Williams

Technical Supervision: Magnus Moar

British Male Voices: Cesar Laser

Rudolf Rocker: Stefan Lutchinger

Major Mott: Dallas Harvey Jones

Kurt Engler & German Male Voices: Tom Gardner

Paul Cohen Portheim: Enrico Lange

Paul Stoffa: Robin Lomax Bjerke

George Kenner: Robin Lomax Bjerke

Prisoners’ Wives Voices: Francesca White

Dick Schramm: Tom Swacha

Max Cogho: Tom Swacha

Benny Cseh: Gabor Horvath

RH Sauter: Matt Betts

Thanks to: Isobel Aptaker, Christa Bedford, Melissa Tettey, Nayomi Roshini, Alexandra Park and Palace Trust Volunteer Researchers, The School of Media and Performing Arts at Middlesex University.

Time Stands Still is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund with support from Middlesex University.


If you’d like to tell us about your experience of Time Stands Still, please email h.bendon@mdx.ac.uk









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