Schools programme

Alexandra Palace offers a fantastic schools programme that teaches Key Stage 2 pupils the wonders of the Victorian history of this iconic landmark. Pupils can now explore hidden spaces in the Palace, discover how early BBC television was produced and broadcast or learn about local history in a truly unique and memorable environment.

During term times, we offer workshops from Monday to Wednesday for groups of up to 35 pupils and accompanying staff. We can also offer a free dedicated space for groups to eat packed lunches or our catering department can offer bespoke menus.

Our sessions last approximately 90 minutes.


Core learning programme

Key stage 2

Workshop A: Victorian People’s Palace

Workshop B: Birthplace of BBC Television

Workshop C: Alexandra Palace: Past, Present & Future

First World War

Key stage 2

Workshop D: War on the Home Front (First World War)

Key stage 3

Workshop E: Attitudes of Local Residents (First World War)

Workshop F: Daily Life of Internees (First World War)

Workshops are tailored to each school’s requirements, with different activities and resources available according to the age and ability of the group. For schools wanting to spend the day at the Palace, the Learning team will work with teachers to combining workshops with different activities to support children’s development in different areas of the curriculum such as history, geography, PE and Art & Design.

Our learning space has a capacity of 35 pupils and an area for lunch can be provided, free of charge, for groups of up to 90.To accommodate larger groups taking part in the Learning programme we can run consecutive workshops and provide the group not taking part in the activity a number of self-led or guided activities from the list below. Resources for all activities are provided free of charge.

Activities for full day visits (or larger groups):-

Ice-skating (charged at a reduced cost of £4 per person)

Self-led park trail

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Sketching (either indoor or outdoor)

Guided tour

Themed art & craft activities

Workshop A Victorian People’s Palace

Curriculum links: History, English, Art & Design & Geography,

Learn about North London’s Victorian people’s palace…

Alexandra Palace opened to the public on 24th May 1873, within the first 16 days over one hundred and twenty thousand people visited (caption)

Workshop information

Step back in time and learn about Alexandra Palace’s extraordinary history during the Victorian era. In this cross curricular workshop, pupils will learn about the concept of leisure in the nineteenth century and the diverse activities that took place at Alexandra Park and Palace.

In small groups pupils will plan an event at the Palace that will both entertain and educate people in the year 2020.

Workshop B Birthplace of BBC Television

Curriculum links: History, English, Geography, Art & Design & Technology

Alexandra Palace’s important role in the development of television…

Workshop information

Imagine being at Alexandra Palace during the BBC’s first television broadcast in 1936. In this cross curricular workshop pupils will be transported back to the historic first broadcast to discover why Alexandra Palace was chosen by the BBC, the challenges of early programmes and people’s reaction to the new technology. Pupils will learn about the development in broadcast technology since the inaugural transmission, investigate the similarities and differences between early and modern day television and make their own moving Muffin the Mule puppet to take home.

Workshop C Alexandra Palace: Past, Present & Future

Curriculum links: History, English, Geography, Art & Design

or how the Palace has been used throughout its 150 year history

Workshop Information

Can you embrace the past of an iconic building like Alexandra Palace and transform it into a world-class destination of tomorrow? In this cross curricular workshop pupils will chart the different uses of the Park and Palace between 1863 & 2014 and consider how the current regeneration plans will positively affect the local area.

In teams, using the designs for the East Court, Theatre and BBC Studios as inspiration, pupils will design a leaflet to promote the opening of Alexandra Palace in 201

Workshop D War on the Home Front

Curriculum links: History, English & Geography

Workshop Information

Uncover the little known story of the Park and Palace 100 years during the First World War as a Belgian refugee and a camp for non-naturalised German, Austrian and Hungarian men. In this cross curricular workshops pupils will imagine what life was like for both the refugees and internees imprisoned at the Palace, how the local community welcomed the new arrivals and how the Palace was transformed from a Victorian People’s Palace.

Workshop E Attitudes of Local Residents

Curriculum links: History, Geography, English and citizenship

Workshop Information

Many of the Belgian refugees arrived at the Palace with little or few possessions; a result of leaving their homes and country so hastily. Once the last refugees had left the Palace rumours spread about its future use, public opinion was that it should be used as a military hospital for wounded British soldiers. Against public will the Palace was converted into a camp for non-naturalised Britons living in London, this was met with hostility and disapproval from local residents. In this cross curricular workshop pupils will discover how the local community’s attitude changed when the German internees arrived at the Palace and will consider the similarities and differences towards migration 100 years ago and today.

Workshop F Daily Internees

Curriculum links: History, Geography, English and Citizenship

Workshop Information

Looking at diaries, letters and objects produced by the internee’s pupils will discover what life was for like the 3,000 men imprisoned at the Palace. A daily routine for the prisoners will be created encouraging groups to think about sleeping, eating and living with 1,000 men, family visits allowed only twice a week and strict rations of butter, meat and sugar supplemented with vegetables grown in the allotments on the South Slope.



Haringey Schools £2.00 per pupil

Other Boroughs £2.50 per pupil


Haringey Schools £2.50 per pupil

Other boroughs £3.00 per pupil

Teacher’s Feedback

“It is very important that the young people who live in Haringey know about such an exciting historical landmark on their doorstep. It will enrich their understanding of the place when they visit throughout their lives.” –Haringey Sixth Form Centre, Foundation Faculty

“The workshop was interesting for our children, we could walk to the venue, the workshop included a range of teaching styles and the children were engaged throughout.  Thank you so much for being so accommodating – we’ll definitely be back and I will be encouraging my colleagues to come too!” – Our Lady of Muswell Hill

Staff Meetings & INSET Days

Alongside our programme for schools we now also offer a venue for staff meetings and INSET days to inspire teachers about using the Park and Palace to enrich the national curriculum. All groups will be met and welcomed to Alexandra Palace by the Learning Officer; optional additions include a tour of the Palace or a talk about the on-going regeneration programmes.

Cost £10 per head (includes room hire, refreshments and tour)

To book a session email us at or talk to us on 02083654578