Cllr Emine Ibrahim (Chair)

Cllr Lotte Collett (Vice Chair & Lead Trustee for Whistleblowing)

Cllr Sarah Elliott

Cllr Ahmed Mahbub (Lead Trustee for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)

Cllr Nick da Costa

Cllr Anne Stennett  (Lead Trustee for Safeguarding)

Val Paley
Duncan Neill
Nigel Willmott

Lotte Collett – APPCT Board Member (FRRAC Chair)

Ahmed Mahbub – APPCT Board Member

Sarah Elliott – APPCT Board Member

Anne Stennett – APPCT Board Member

Claire Pape – Independent Member

Emine Ibrahim – Director (APPCT Board Member)

Nick da Costa – Director (APPCT Board Member)

Lotte Collett – Director (APPCT Board Member)

Anne Stennett – Director (APPCT Board Member)

Vacancy – Director (Council Employee)

Emma Dagnes – Director (APTL Employee)

Andrew Morton – Independent Director

Jamie Copas – Independent Director

Emma Dagnes – Chief Executive
Richard Paterson – Director of Finance & Resources
Simon Fell – Director of Events, Festivals and Leisure
Lucy Fenner – Commercial Director
James Atkinson – Development Director
Catherine Solomon – Director of HR & Organisational Development

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