We offer courses for adults and children alike, with fast track courses for juniors during the holidays and term time courses that run throughout the school year, we even have drop in classes so there really is something for everyone!

Our courses

£65 for 1 week

Summer holiday (1 – 5 August and 8 – 12 August) fast track courses are now on sale 

If you’re looking for a fun activity for your child during the school holidays, why not try one of our week long courses for beginners? Hosted by qualified coaches, children aged 5 to 15 years old can enjoy a half hour lesson from 10.45am – 11.15am Monday to Friday during one week; plus they’ll be able to stay on and skate for free from 11.30am to practice what they have learnt.

Learn to Skate (Levels 1-10)
£60 for 5 weeks

£72 for 6 weeks
£84 for 7 weeks

Children’s Skating Academy (Bronze, Silver & Gold) £72

These comprehensive six week courses run during term time and follow the national ‘Learn to Skate’ programme by Skate UK. Skaters can complete levels at their own speed, starting with beginner and ending with level 10. For some children completing the beginner level may be enough, others may want to keep returning throughout the year to progress through the programme. For those young skaters who want to progress beyond level 10 we have the Academy courses on Saturday which allow them to move up through the Bronze, Silver and Gold award levels.

Important info:

  • Courses are between five and seven weeks long
  • You can only commit to one level at a time
  • You must only attend on the same day of the week throughout the duration of the course (i.e. if your first lesson is on a Tuesday then your proceeding lessons will all be on Tuesdays

Please note that new courses will be live soon.

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£60 for 5 weeks
£72 for 6 weeks
£84 for 7 weeks

Skate UK courses are also available for those aged 16 years and over. These comprehensive courses follow the National ‘Learn to Skate’ programme by Skate UK. Skaters can complete levels at their own speed, starting with beginner and ending with level 10. You only commit to one level/term time course at a time.

For those who want to progress beyond level 10 we have the final stages of Bronze, Silver and Gold award levels.

Please note that booking for the next set of courses is now live.

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2.5 years+

Thursdays 12.30pm – 1pm (term time) – Please note that due to a private event ice tots will not take place on 19 May.
£12.00 per class (admits one adult and one toddler)

You will be taught by our experienced and enthusiastic coaches who make skating easy, safe and ultimately lots of fun for you both. The session takes place in a coned-off area of the rink which encourages younger skaters to gain confidence. It’s an ideal taster for toddlers, providing a good introduction to the basics before progressing to our children’s courses. The first 15 minutes is a lesson and then 15 minutes of fun play time on the ice with our coaches. You can also jump on the public session from 12.30pm for an extra warm up if you wish.

Please note our smallest skates are size 6. Please ensure this is suitable for your child before booking. 

16 years+
Wednesday 10.30am – 11am (term time)
£13 per class

Due to the refurbishment of the ice cafe we aren’t currently able to offer coffee with these tickets, this change has been reflected in the ticket price.

Perfect for beginners and those looking to brush up on their skills, it’s a great way to make new friends or just exercise in a unique way. The class includes a group tuition session followed by a coffee in the Ice Café – included with your ticket! The class runs between 10.30am -11am with free access to the public session afterwards from 11am – 12pm.

5-15 yrs
Friday 16:15 – 17:00
£12 per class

Learn to play with the Haringey Juniors Ice Hockey head coach! Beginners are welcome to this session that focuses on learning how to skate for those that are interested in ice hockey. No ice hockey kit is required. Skate hire is included in the price.

From £12.50 per 15 minutes

We can also offer one-to-one skating lessons with our self-employed coaches. Click here to find out more.

£7.50 per session

Our Patch Ice is available for skaters at a higher level wishing to train and have private lessons with our professional coaching team.  To join a Patch session you must be authorised to do so by a skating coach here and be on the correct session for your level of skating.  For any further enquiries about attending our Patch Ice sessions, please contact the Ice Rink Reception team on icerink@alexandrapalace.com.  Please download PDF timetable below for relevant times.

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Meet the coaches

Heather Green


Heather holds a Master Coaching Certificate in the UK and Canada and a Level 5 Nisa Coaching Certificate in the UK which includes Free, Dance, Pairs and Synchro. Over 30 years coaching experience, 12 years judging and British Team Leader experience. Trained Canadian and British Championship skaters. Heather was twice World Professional Ice Dance Champion, 3rd World  Professional Pairs. Nisa Gold Dance and Free medalist, Inter Gold Figures and Free, Silver Pairs and Swiss Silver Figures and Free medalist. She also holds a Diploma in Counselling from University College Salford. Heather loves teaching all levels and ages.

Gary Jones


Gary is a qualified NISA Level 4 Coach. He has trained World, European, and International Championship competitors and has achieved International medalists in both Free and Dance.

Shirelle Kyle


Shirelle, a NISA registered NCCP Level 3 Coach, has been coaching for over 20 years. She has achieved an impressive international and national competitive record, also showing very impressive NISA test results. A great passion for ice skating on a social and competitive level, Shirelle enjoys teaching skaters of all ages and ability, encouraging all her pupils to achieve their goals and dreams.

Karen Quinn


Karen, a NCCP Level 3 coach, specialises in figure ice dance & choreography. A former British Professional Ice Dance Champion, World Professional Silver Medalist, and International and European Championship competitor. Karen was also a principal dancer in Holiday on Ice for 4 years and choreographed the Robbie Williams ‘She’s the One’ music video. Teaching all standards & ages, she wants to share her 37 years of enjoyment from this sport.

Irina Kuznetsova


Irina is a NCCP Level 2 coach, teaching free skating. Irina started skating at the age of 7, she was trained in Russia Sankt-Petersburg at the Olympic skating school. By 18 she had competed at a national level and moved onto her professional skating career, working at many famous Ice shows for 20 years such as, Russian Leningrad Ballet on Ice, Holiday on Ice and the Hot Ice show.
Irina has been coaching for more than 15 years and loves coaching skaters of all ages, from complete beginners to skaters who compete at national and international levels and her students frequently win medals. She also runs off ice classes to improve jumps, spins, technique, stretching and flexibility.

Nikolay Shashkov


Nikolay is a NCCP Level 2 coach, teaching free skating. Nikolay started skating at the age of 5 in Russia and was taught by famous coach Alexsei Mishin. By 21 Nikolay achieved Master of sport and had been competing nationally and internationally after which he moved onto his professional career in shows for more than 12 years for stage work world wide production of “Hot Ice Show”.
Nikolay has been coaching for more than 15 years and loves coaching all levels and ages from beginners to national and international competitive levels, with his students frequently winning medals. He has also previously worked as a head coach in Reykjavik Iceland. Nikolay also runs off Ice classes to improve jumps, spins, technique, stretching and flexibility.

Natalie Wright


Natalie is a level 3 qualified coach and has over 20 years coaching experience.  She has also performed and toured all over the world with the show “Holiday on Ice” and has coordinated seminars with world and Olympic coaches for skaters and coaches from all over the UK to learn. Natalie teaches skaters from grass root level to national championship level.

Becky Smith


Becky is a NISA Level 2 Coach Performance Coach, with a diploma in choreography and expression, began coaching in 2006. She is a motivated and determined character with ambition for success, teaching all ages and abilities. Becky, who is also our Creative Director at the ice rink is responsible for producing the annual Christmas production, skating gala’s and commercial pieces.  She also attends regular seminars and workshops with top coaches around the world to improve her coaching skills, and believes working hard but having fun is the best approach to teaching this sport.

Wendi Ross


Wendi is a  level 2 coach competitive coach. She coaches all ages and abilities and has had success nationally and internationally. Working from grassroots level upwards Wendi feels there is nothing more fulfilling than taking that person on their own skating journey and instilling joy in the process of learning.

Hannah Dolan Davies


Hannah has been skating at Alexandra Palace for 24 years and recently gained her Level 2 coaching qualification. Hannah’s successful career has seen her compete nationally and train internationally at skating camps such as Oberstorf, Germany and Mariposa, Canada. Hannah went on to skate with Disney on Ice for six years achieving multiple step-out roles and progressing to the principle role as Jessie from Toy Story on the Show ‘Worlds of Enchantment’. Hannah was also a training line captain, line captain and temporary performance director at Disney. Hannah is currently studying for a degree in Sports Fitness and Coaching to aid her coaching qualification, which she hopes to complete in 2022. Hannah is happy to coach all ages and abilities.

John Hamer


John, qualified to NISA Level 2, joined our team in January 2011, and is our only full time male coach. Still performing regularly, 3 time British Senior Men’s Champion and European and World competitor, he is now focused on sharing his skills with others of all levels. International medalist, John has been a very successful skater.

Nikki Lord


Nikki, a Gold Standard Free Skater NISA Level 2, has been skating for over 30 years and has always had a passion for the skating. She has successfully competed in various competitions and tests, as well as taking part in promotions and adverts for skating on ice and plastic ice. Nikki coaches all ages and abilities.

India Nette



India is an accredited coach in both the UK and Australia, and has 15 years of skating experience in both free skating and ice dance. She is an Australian National Ice Dance Medallist with partner Eron Westwood, and is still currently representing Australia at competitions around the world. She has worked with Olympic and World caliber competitors and coaches in her ongoing career.

She has also skated in ice shows and most recently as a professional stunt double for actress Emilia Clarke in Paul Feig’s film, “Last Christmas”. India enjoys sharing her passion for the sport, and welcomes anyone who wishes to learn.

Astraea Stacey



Astraea is a level 2 NISA coach with 17 years coaching experience. She has competed internationally in Syncro skating and gained many British titles in this discipline. Astraea especially enjoys working with beginners and school groups.

Rosie Van Someren


Rosie qualified as an ice skating coach seven years ago at the age of 18 and has taken pupils to national level competition. She teaches anyone who wants to benefit from her input, age four upwards. Rosie has a particular interest and experience in teaching children with special needs.

Eron Westwood



Eron has 17 years of experience on the ice, successfully competing as an international free skater and dancer. He has represented Great Britain for over 8 years, and is currently representing Australia at competitions around the world with dance partner India Netté.

They are Australian Ice Dance Senior Medallists.

While competing, he has worked with skaters and coaches of World and Olympic level throughout America and Europe.

He has also skated in ice shows and worked as a professional for the music industry.

He is passionate about all forms of skating, whether you like hockey or free skating, dance or show skating. Eron enjoys teaching all ages and abilities.

Kelly Jo White


Kelly, a Senior Coach NCCP Level 2, is one of our original coaches working at Alexandra Palace since we opened in 1990. Kelly was the youngest coach at 17 years old to obtain the British Ice Teachers Association Qualification, and possesses a solid background of experience. With the belief that hard work is the correct approach to achieving pupil’s desired goals, Kelly wants ice skating to be a fun and rewarding sport for her pupils variety of ages and standards.

Important Information

When you register for an Alexandra Palace course you will receive a course entry card and a record of achievement booklet.

1 Please bring your coloured course membership card with you to EVERY lesson to show that you are on a course. Please keep this safe as we cannot replace it if you lose it. If you do misplace it you will need to report early to reception so we can check you off the register, which does take longer.

2 Please arrive 10 minutes before your lesson starts as it is essential to be on time for your lesson and be “skating ready” dressed appropriately.

3 On your first lesson of a new course please have your achievement booklet with you. Please ensure your name is printed on the front. If you do not have an achievement booklet and you have already passed levels we may have to re-assess you and this must be done before the class starts. A replacement achievement card costs £1. You also need to bring your record of achievement booklet with you to your last lesson as you will have an assessment and test.

1 Skates should fit snugly, not slip up and down when you walk.

2 Please lace skates firmly though not too tight and use all the hooks. Skates usually feel uncomfortable if you are not used to them.

3 Blades should be sharp to the touch, if in doubt ask the skate hire staff.

4 Clothing should be warm, preferably layers. Gloves are a good idea but no hats or scarves please.

1 We take up to 15 skaters to 1 coach. If classes exceed this which is not often, we add an assistant to compensate.

2 5 minutes before your class starts please wait off the ice at the first entrance on the right hand side of the rink as you come in. Week day courses use a third of the ice, Saturday and adults use the whole ice.

3 If the skater is reluctant to go on the ice please do not force them on, let them stand and watch a while. They may want to join in a little later.

4 Some teaching at beginner level may take place off ice in skates to prepare skaters before going on the ice rink.

5 Any accompanying parents/guardians are asked to wait in the Ice Café, as our seating stands are currently closed. If you have any questions or queries during the lesson please speak to a member of our reception team.

6 Photography or filming is not permitted during lessons.

1 Children on the weekday courses can get on the ice at 4:30pm and stay on the ice until 5.30pm. Saturday course users can skate on the Saturday public session from 11.30am-12.30pm. Parents/guardians will be asked to drop the children off but if they are under 9 they may stay and spectate. Parents/guardians must pay if they wish to skate. You may pay early by showing the course card.

2 You will be able to book for next term once you have had your test at the end of the current course. You will need to know your current level when you book. All bookings must be made via our website. You will need to have your record of achievement booklet to hand. Due to a high volume of course users we strongly recommend booking your next course as soon as possible, on the day bookings cannot be guaranteed.

3 Courses are non-refundable or transferable. Unfortunately we cannot compensate for any lessons missed unless it is the fault of the Ice Rink.

4 If course numbers are not sufficient Alexandra Palace reserve the right to cancel courses and skating levels may be amalgamated at any time.

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