Our Fundraising Policy

We are registered with The Fundraising Regulator and abide by standards set out in the Code of Fundraising Practice.

The key principles and behaviours set out in the Code are as follows:

1) All fundraising activities undertaken by APPCT (or those representing us) will be legal, open, honest and respectful.
2) All funds raised for a particular cause will be used for that cause.
3) We will never use coercive tactics or place undue pressure on any individual to make a donation to APPCT.
4) We will never make an unreasonable intrusion on a person’s privacy.
5) Our approach to fundraising activities will be set out in our Annual Report, and we will declare any complaints or failure to comply with a scheme or standard cited.
6) We have a complaints procedure and will respond to any complaints in a timely, respectful, open and honest way.
7) We will comply with duties of confidentiality and data protection law at all times.

The Fundraising Promise

This promise outlines the commitment made to donors and the public by fundraising organisations which register with the Fundraising Regulator.

The promise is based on the Code of Fundraising Practice and can be found here.

Acceptance of Donations

The Trustees of APPCT (and their delegates) must act in the best interests of the charity when deciding to accept or refuse a particular donation. The principles guiding whether a donation can be accepted or refused are agreed by the Trustees. APPCT also has a Sponsorship Policy which outlines the basis on which APPCT may enter into sponsorship agreements with commercial companies.


If you wish to make a complaint about our fundraising activities, please get in touch and we will endeavour to address your concern as quickly as possible. You can get in touch below:

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If you do not think that APPCT has dealt with your complaint satisfactorily, you may refer the matter to The Fundraising Regulator.