Volunteering at Alexandra Palace: Toby’s experience

Our dedicated and passionate volunteers are hugely important to the charitable work of Alexandra Palace – supporting us through  fundraising, designing and leading workshops, stewarding events, running talks and tours.Toby has volunteered at several of our events, below he shares his experience.
We’re currently recruiting new volunteers to help us raise the curtain on London’s oldest new theatre. If you’re feeling inspired, you can get involved. Find out more here.
Toby photo
Toby’s Great Fête experience:

After my first experience of volunteering at the BAFTA Kids Big Schools day event in June 2018, I was really keen to keep on volunteering at Ally Pally as I want to go into the career path of event management,

Once I heard that the Great Fête was happening I contacted the creative learning team and asked if I could help in anyway in the lead-up to the event. I was delighted when they said yes, I could assist!

I spent three days running up to the event in the office. Helping to prepare volunteers’ packs which included key points of the day and the basic information of what the event is about and then helped plan the volunteers’ rota for the day, and any other ad hoc jobs that needed to be done. My last task in the lead up to the great fete was to plan the schedule of the volunteers’ briefing and making a list of everything we needed for the meeting.

On the day I was responsible for an area of the event and the point of call for the activities in that area; I made sure that everyone had what they needed and everything ran to time, and then at the end helped organise the packing down of the event.

It really opened up my eyes in how much work really does go into pulling off such a great event. It was great volunteering with the Creative Learning Team! They are such a great team of staff.