Guest post : Haringey Time Credits volunteers go to Alexandra Palace’s Fireworks!

As part of our commitment to value volunteering within the community and across the Borough of Haringey, Alexandra Park and Palace has partnered up with Time Credits and acts as a spending venue for this volunteering scheme. While credits earned can be spent in tickets to the Ice Rink, Alexandra Palace provides also the opportunity to spend credits in tickets to selected events, such as our wonderful Fireworks festival.

To learn more about the scheme, and to gain an understanding of the positive impact of both spending and earning time credits, please enjoy reading Ricki Neal’s wonderful guest post below. Ricki was among the thirty Haringey volunteers who  used their hard earned Time Credits to go to Alexandra Palace’s firework display on the 3rd of November.

“I earn Time Credits by cooking at the Haringey Recovery Service and by cleaning the communal areas in the hostel I live in.  This makes me feel useful to the local community.  It makes make feel like I’m giving something back.  I use the Time Credits for different activities, such as going to the cinema and the gym, swimming and bowling.

I went to the Alexandra Palace fireworks to socialise and to watch the fireworks.  I went with a friend and we both enjoyed it.  The fireworks were amazing, a real visual sensation.  We had a brilliant time.

Time credit image


A Time Credit is ‘earned’ for an hour of time given in a local service or organisation,. It can then be ‘spent’ on an hour of a time based activity, from local film nights, coffee mornings and gym use to higher profile opportunities such as Ice Skating at Alexandra Palace and admission to the Tower of London.

Time Credits can also be gifted to others, or used to take someone along to an experience.

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