Meet Pin Up Brewery, our craft beer aficionados

At the Palace we are constantly looking for ways to improve a customer’s experience and set ourselves apart from other venues. A few years ago at the start of the “craft beer revolution” we started to work with the Pin Up Brewing Company to provide a wide range of beers and ciders alongside the well-known brands on offer at most other venues.

Meet Pin Up Brewery

Since those early days our relationship with Pin Up Brewing Company has grown. They now appear at all of our live events inside the Palace and within the Park appearing in an ever evolving fleet of trailers and bars. They even recently converted to producing a wide range of vegan beers and ciders in response to the growing demand.

We took a trip down to their East Sussex brewery to catch up with Lawrie and Jonny, the founders of Pin Up Brewing Company to find out a bit more about what goes into making the beers and ciders they serve at our events.