A Colourful Space

From the walls to the floor and seats, colour plays a crucial part in how we experience a space. In the Theatre, seating colours were carefully selected to match the preserved walls. Their faded red and gold hues have been protected by finely brushing the walls and removing any loose plaster and paint fragments and then sealing with a clear, paint-like substance.

To select the colour of the seats ten different shades of fabric were tested under a variety of light conditions, replicating the experience of audiences. The final shade was chosen as it best complemented the existing colours in the theatre and would not distract from the beauty of the space.

Unlike the walls of the Theatre, its foyer has undergone a significant transformation. The foyer had been painted a bright pink which has been sandblasted away to reveal the original brickwork which will be left in its bare state. More modern interventions in the foyer include a new timber floor, carpeting, heating, lighting and acoustic baffles.

The East Court will also be sensitively restored. To assist with the choice of colours, the Palace has worked with historical paint consultant Patrick Baty to unearth previous colour schemes. In parts of the East Court Baty uncovered up to eight different colour schemes dating from the 19th to 20th Century. The final colour scheme will enhance the visual impact of the East Court and appeal to a 21st Century audience but also celebrate and encourage the Victorian heritage and architecture of the space.

Be part of the biggest change at Alexandra Palace for a generation. All donations of £25 or more will be credited on our Donor Board, which will be installed in the restored East Court when it re-opens in December 2018. There is still time to name a seat in the Theatre too. Find out more here