Ready for our close up

On 2nd November 1936, the world’s first regular high definition public television service was transmitted from Alexandra Palace, so it’s no wonder we’re closely associated with the small screen. However, the iconic building has had a few cameos in some pretty major motion pictures. Here are a handful of our big screen outings.


The “Victory Square” scenes in the film adaption of George Orwell’s 1984 (appropriately released in 1984) were shot at Alexandra Palace – in the burnt out shell of the building following the devastating 1980 fire. A suitably dystopian backdrop for the film!

The Death of Stalin

The Death of Stalin, the 2017 satirical black-comedy film written and directed by Armando Iannucci, was based on the French graphic novel La Mort de Staline. It depicts the power struggle following the death of Soviet revolutionary and politician Joseph Stalin. Our Ice Rink was temporarily transported to Russia for a scene involving the Soviet ice hockey team.

Inspiring Anna Karenina

Anyone entering Alexandra Palace Theatre would be forgiven for thinking they were stepping onto the set 2012’s film adaption of Anna Karenina. The majority of the film, which starred Kiera Knightly, was set in dilapidated theatre inspired by the Kirov and the Mariinsky in St Petersburg and Alexandra Palace Theatre. The Theatre was re-created in Shepperton Studios and shot mostly on a single soundstage. Production Designer Sarah Greenwood worked alongside Set Designer Katie Spencer to create the theatre used in the film.


For Clint Easter’s Hereafter, our Great Hall became the site for the London Book Fair. The crew assembled publishers to set up booths, along with 275 extras to act as fair attendees and salespeople.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Anyone lucky enough to have visited our Theatre might spot the recently reopened space in the latest Spider-Man film. No spoilers here, just keep your eyes peeled…