Wild in the Park 1: Dens

Building dens is a brilliant activity to do with children. They can be made almost anywhere and are great for extended free play that can last for hours! Dens have the added bonus of helping children to develop different skills in the process; from problem solving structural challenges to inspiring creativity and honing team working skills.

In this video, children recreate miniature stick based dens as an easy way to encourage them to play outside or use natural materials indoors. It also suggests ideas to inspire children to build indoor dens using a range of household materials.

You can download a den work pack here which provides supporting information for teachers, parents and guardians, including safety information, fun facts, teaching tips, activities and games. We hope you have fun and enjoy!

You can submit any creations to learning@alexandrapalace.com or by sharing on social media and we’ll make sure to share with our followers.

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