Palace Uncovered

GCSE, A level & BTEC level 2 – 3 Performing Arts

The story of Alexandra Palace Theatre is truly unique. Opened in 1875, the Theatre was a place of spectacle and delight where audiences of up to 3,000 people were entertained by pantomime, opera, drama and ballet. Preserved in a state of “arrested decay”, the Theatre proudly wears the scars of its colourful history. Many who walk into the space will feel like they are discovering it for the very first time.

Palace Uncovered enables your students to showcase their creative talents in the Theatre. Each participating group will be given a mysterious box to unlock with a range of artefacts and stimuli inspired by the Palace’s collections. As part of this process we are offering 3 two-hour long workshops (including one to kick off the project) delivered in school by inserting industry professionals using a range of art forms including drama, movement, music and digital animation.

For a small cost, participating groups will receive 3 workshops and take part in a technical rehearsal and performance in our world class venue. Workshops can cater for groups with Special Education Needs.

This year’s programme starts in September. To learn more, contact us.

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