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We have announced our intention to consider the possibility of charging for car parking at the Park and Palace.

Currently, Alexandra Park and Palace is unusual both as an event venue and as a site open to the public for recreation, in that car parking provided is free of charge. The primary reason for considering introducing parking charges is to generate income for the Charitable Trust to cover the costs of maintaining the Park and Palace including providing parking facilities and other visitor services and facilities throughout the year.

The Trust’s financial position requires us to generate more income to continue delivering our charitable purposes. We plan to generate more income through increasing our fundraising efforts, developing our leisure, entertainment and recreational activities and bringing more spaces, like the Theatre and East Court, back into use. We also continue to investigate opportunities to reduce our costs and overheads, for example through investment in energy efficiency to reduce our utility bills.

However, these measures alone will not be sufficient to meet the increasing costs of maintaining this iconic building and parkland. As a Charity we have a duty to consider all options and we believe that charging for car parking provides us with a means to:

  • Generate funds to deliver our purposes including maintaining and improving infrastructure and security.
  • Offset the cost of managing the car parks on a daily basis.
  • Deter anti-social behaviour, which risks harm to the park and building.
  • Manage demand and deter misuse of the facilities for which the charity incurs costs and gains no benefit.

As with all income generated by the Trust, it will be used for delivering our charitable purposes of repairing, restoring and maintaining the Park and Palace for the enjoyment of all.

In particular, we hope to be able to undertake investment to better maintain and improve the existing parking facilities:

  • Fund maintenance works.
  • Update the layout to improve safe operational use of different users and provide a better visitor experience.
  • Fund improvements in infrastructure to provide more secure car parking and deter crime and anti-social behaviour.

The Trust is just starting the work and is planning consultation later in 2019 when we will welcome feedback from customers, park users and residents.

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