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The newly awarded licence will allow for a maximum of 30 event days each year The majority of events, 24 days out of 30, will be small-scale for less than 5,000 people. In the first year, the Trust will focus on 11 event days, and the majority of these are smaller events. There will be three larger events, the annual fireworks display, Red Bull Soapbox Race and the Summer Festival, all of which have been held at the Park & Palace before.

The application will deliver wider benefits for Haringey and the surrounding area, including;

  • Building on recent success with annual festivals and small scale community events, so that we continue to appeal to broad audiences and secure wider economic benefits for the borough and London as a result of the 3.2m visitors we receive each year.
  • Providing an agreed approach to parkland events informed by our neighbours and independent site and acoustic surveys. These identified areas most suited to different events which can be held in places around the park rather than a single location.
  • Building our profile as one of the country’s largest independent entertainment venues, focusing on diverse events with a greater emphasis on performing arts.
  • Continuing to involve council officers, fire and police representatives in event planning and management via a dedicated advisory group, with a safety and risk assessment for each event, including security, noise and transport issues.
  • Continuing to keep residents informed and involved. A dedicated phone line and email will be set up to contact onsite teams and provide feedback on all events. For larger events, letters will be sent in advance to local communities.

Louise Stewart, Chief Executive of Alexandra Park & Palace said “We are delighted with the approval of the licence. It will allow us to grow a multi-disciplined, seasonal arts programme to complement the artistic direction of the new Victorian Theatre, due to open in Autumn 2018. Alexandra Park was designed and created for the entertainment, recreation and enjoyment of the public and has hosted an eclectic mix of events and activities since 1863. This is a truly special outdoor space that we want to encourage people to enjoy in a variety of ways.

We are not looking to hold big rock concerts or loud dance music events. Our ambition is to create an expanded programme that enables us to offer a diverse range of events for the public and generate funding towards our charitable purposes to support our restoration projects, such as the current East Wing project, and the long-term care and maintenance of our stunning parklands and visitor facilities. The Park alone costs over £500,000 per year to maintain and as a charitable trust we are highly reliant on income from activities held here.

We are committed to being a good neighbour and this application will allow us to responsibly and professionally manage a programme of outdoor events in the Park within a safe and transparent framework. We will continue to work with our neighbours and would like to thank all those who have taken the time to attend recent events about our future programme. ”