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Alexandra Palace has teamed up with the Urban Orchard Project to plant two orchards with a variety of plum, apple, medlar, quince and pear trees in the Grove.

The project, funded by the Alexandra Park and Palace Charitable Trust and supported by the Friends of Alexandra Park and John O’Conner Grounds Maintenance, brought together Park volunteers, staff from Alexandra Palace and pupils from neighbouring schools to plant the 26 fruit trees.

Duncan Wilson, Chief Executive for Alexandra Palace said: “Alexandra Park has always featured landscaped gardens but has never, until today, been used to grow fruit. We have chosen a wide range of varieties to create an exciting mix of trees and fruit.

“Our two orchards will support the biodiversity in the Park and attract honey bees to pollinate the trees and the local area.

“I look forward to seeing the trees grow over the coming years and hopefully becoming a favoured feature of the Park, where the community can come together and take ownership of this excellent initiative.”

The Urban Orchard Project aims to create environments filled with fruit and nuts in cities across the United Kingdom.

They work in partnership with communities to plant, manage, restore and harvest orchards in urban areas to improve wellbeing and promote healthy eating as well as to enhance the local environment and biodiversity.

Gordon Hutchinson, Chair of the Friends of Alexandra Park said: “The Friends of the Park are keen to support this initiative and look forward to the opportunities it will provide the community in tending to the orchard and of course enjoying the fruits of their labours soon.”

Matt O’Conner, Managing Director for John O’Conner (GM) Ltd said: “The project has been a great success, engaging, educational and fun! Corporate Social Responsibility is a key aspect of John O’Conner’s culture, as a family owned company we strive to engage our employees, clients and the local community on volunteer projects. We will continue to invest in innovative ways to support the local community in partnership with the Alexandra Palace client team.”