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    • Body Poetry

      Body Poetry is a four-week course inviting you into the wisdom of your own body. There is a knowing that exists in our flesh, bone, sensation, impulse, feeling. Over the course of four sessions, we will explore ways of unearthing and nourishing this knowing through writing, movement and meditation. Together, and alone, we will step into the fullness of belly, word, heart, hand, and voice. We will dance with our words, and tell stories with our bodies. We will give space to the language of the body, honouring its dreams and desires. We will witness our own and each other’s humanness, celebrating ourselves just as we are. We will also spend time outside in the Alexandra Palace Park, opening ourselves to the body of wisdom that exists in Nature. We will discover, release, and create.

      Sophie Marsh holds body-writing workshops and ceremonies for adults in a range of community-based settings. Word and movement often guide her way through life. She creates spaces in which people can use combined practices in a way that feels true for them. You can find out more about her work here:


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      Transmitter Hall accessible via the south terrace


      8th - 29th July


      Date Event Start time Event Finish time
      8th July 2019 18:00 20:00
      15th July 2019 18:00 20:00
      22nd July 2019 18:00 20:00
      29th July 2019 18:00 20:00


      Ticket Advance Door
      Standard £40
      Concession £20