RIFT present Midsummer Night's Dream

As part of our ‘Kaleidoscope presents…’ series, we welcome RIFT into our basements for a special performance of Midsummer Nights Dream.

For the first time in the 150 year history of Alexandra Palace, its basements will be opened for a theatrical performance by immersive theatre mavericks, RIFT.

RIFT have produced Shakespeare in unusual locations for the last ten years, most notably; The Tempest over six months from an East London Shop, and Macbeth, overnight at the Balfron Tower in Poplar. These interpretations use formal experimentation to lay their plays bare and explore them from the inside out. Midsummer Night’s Dream is no different, RIFT utilise the cavernous atmosphere of the basement spaces to create a liminal dream space that is their setting for the play. Beginning in a 1930s film studio on the eve of the first TV broadcast, we are thrust into a shared unconscious as we delve into the forest at the heart of Midsummer Night’s Dream where lovers, fairies and actors are all enchanted. Join us this September for this historic opportunity to see Alexandra Palace and Shakespeare in a way you have never seen before.

Astounding … A triumph … subtle, slick.


Due to the nature of the space the event is taking place in, we cannot offer access to wheelchair users. For further information or to discuss your access needs please contact access@alexandrapalace.com.

Participants please note that the conditions of the space need to be considered. The floor is uneven throughout, there will be low level lighting and darkness at points, audience members will be expected to walk for the duration of the show.


An extraordinary evening of disorientation, intimidation and fascination


Exhilarating… Hugely Ambitious


Ages 12+ only. 12s to 15s must be accompanied by an adult. No refunds will be given for incorrectly booked tickets


    How to get here

    Alexandra Palace
    Alexandra Palace Way
    N22 7AY

    Tube: Wood Green
    Railway: Alexandra Palace Rail
    Bus: W3 or Shuttle Bus