Big Schools: Green Screen Champions!

1st – 10th July
Years 5, 6 & 7

This year, the Alexandra Palace Big Schools team invites young people with a passion for the environment and sustainability to join us online and be part of the green solution. We’ve brought together industry experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge of sustainability practices working in the Film, Media and Gaming Sector – in other words our Green Screen Champions!

In this first-of-its-kind youth and schools led programme, young people can hear about the groups and organisations that have created a culture of sustainability, lobbied governments and reduced their environmental impact.

Big Schools – Green Screen Champions offers a mix of films, webinars, challenges and creative activities that promises to inform, challenge and inspire.

The full schedule is as follows. Just click on the links to access the activities. The planet needs your help – be part of the green solution!


Built Environment

  • Explore architectural design processes, sustainable material and biomimicry with the brilliant Jack the Artist and design an outdoor learning environment for Alexandra Palace’s Park. TAKE PART in Jack’s activity now and also follow his instructions via this VIDEO that he has created for you!

Revisioning TV

  • Explore with Discovery Learning the harmful effects of the sun and work together to design a TV studio that will help people to keep cool without using a lot of energy. TAKE PART now!



  • Learn about the art of animation with inspiration fromt the BAFTA nominated animation A Whale’s Tale from the Cartoon Network. Take part in the activity now! And you can also watch this brilliant video about how the animation was made
  • Lily Ash Sakula challenges you to make your own animation using stop motion. Have a go now!
  • Design your own Personal Protective Equipment with Jack the Artist drawing inspiration from science fiction. Check out the video Jack has created for you too.

Become a Campaigner 

  • 11am-11.50am: Join BAFTA Kids and Albert, for a project that brings together the film and television industry to look at how children’s TV can save the planet and inspire audiences to act for a sustainable future. You can watch the webinar here
  • 1pm-3.30pm: Hope For the Future will examine practical steps to engage with your locally and nationally elected representatives to become a climate champion. You can now watch the webinar here
  • Artist and educator, Alix Smith, has created fun activities for teachers to review learning and encourage pupils to become a campaigner. Give them a go!

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