Back to Alexandra Park

In recent years we have engaged an independent vet to regularly monitor the deer. The vet has concluded that the health of the herd is in slow decline and the animals are displaying symptoms of stress. This can be caused by a number of factors including the size of the enclosed area, proximity to the general public and general noise from the surrounding urban environment. As such the Park – and its surrounding urban environment – is no longer suitable for keeping deer. In the best interests of the deer they are being relocated to two well-respected existing deer parks in Devon, both larger than the enclosure in Alexandra Park, where they will be able to roam free and thrive.

The vet fully supports the relocation and believes the herd’s health will improve as a result of the move to a more rural location.

The deer have now been relocated to their new home in Devon. There will be further information available shortly on our website and the information board close to the deer enclosure.