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John Lewis celebrate their 150th Anniversary May 2014. The advert is a joyous and celebratory look at British life from past to present. It shows that they’ve been ever-present, as your lives have continued to move forward at increasing speed. Using no less then 22 locations, and where better to shoot a snow-covered sledging scene in late April than the capital’s own Alexandra Palace?

Shots in the advert didn’t just span locations; they also had to represent different decades – a task Alexandra Palace proved to be particularly helpful with.

Initially selected for two scenes running from sledging in the 1930s to the same hill on a contemporary sunny day, the location ended up supporting five set ups making the most of all that it has to offer:

  • Victorian houses on the grounds provided the backdrop to a scene from WW2 which finds a family running down their garden and into an air-raid shelter.
  • The kids playground gave the setting for 1970s scene of a child on a slide
  • One of the Park’s trees provided the perfect place to build a tree house and shoot a scene of idyllic childhood